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After planning years of parties for our families and

friends, Kacey and I are no strangers to online ordering, great deals, and the details that are required to manage the perfect event. One part of wedding planning that can create headaches and confusion can be all the small details that go into the big day. We often find that our couples forget tiny details like pens for the personalized guest book and lighters for the sparklers. While planning a baby shower we stumbled across a unique website to create invitations and so many other personalized items. While designing and creating the perfect invitation we realized how user friendly and customizable this site truly was. Not only can you change the wording on all of their products, but you can change the colors! Yes, you read that right. The colors can be individually chosen for each part of the design.

We designed a clear invitation with white engraving and we were hooked! We began exploring the Basic Invites website for our brides and soon found that they truly offer anything you could dream up. For starters they have free wedding websites! Yes, we said FREE. They are completely adaptable for each couple. You can easily and instantly upload all of your wedding details, images, and even maps. To top it off, it can match your invitations. How cute is that?!?

As we continued to explore Basic Invite we discovered their Personalized Wedding Guest Book. Many of our brides struggle with the look and feel of their wedding. We try to emphasize that from the moment guests open their invitations they begin to get an impression of your wedding. From there, the second thing they will experience will be the guest book when they arrive. Finding a website that makes it possible for the entire wedding to feel cohesive was like finding gold. From the invitation, to the wedding website, to the guest book, to the programs, and even the Thank You cards, your totally custom look can be carried out in one simple design. Another feature that we really loved was how the website would suggest other items that matched the design you had chosen. This makes shopping so much easier. It isn't a scavenger hunt to add and choose the items you need.

The Personalized Wedding Guest book allowed for a plethora of design options. Once you choose the book you want to start with you then can decide on colors, text, and page type. You can even add a personalized image so that those engagement photos don't go to waste. Designing a personalized wedding guest book was extremely simple and affordable.

“This is a sponsored post by Basic Invite. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on our personal views. We found Basic Invite to be simple and easy.

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