Preparing Your Home for Wedding Guests

You've planned your wedding down to every last detail. From the floral arrangements to the napkins, you're confident everything will look perfect for your big day. But have you thought about your home? If your house features in any part of your wedding day, you'll want it to look its best, too. Use this schedule to get your house wedding-ready without spending too much money or time.

One Month Before the Wedding

Dripping faucets and squeaky hinges don't make a great impression. If you've been putting off household repairs, this is the time to finally knock them off your to-do list. To save money, complete repairs yourself. DIY Projects explains how to tackle several common household repairs. If you have a lot of small jobs to complete and no time to do it, hire a handyman for a few hours.

If you're hosting a gathering at your home or inviting guests to sleep at your house, start looking for inexpensive ways to decorate, furnish and accommodate. You'll need guest beds, linens, bath towels and spare toiletries for everyone. If your kitchen is only equipped to cook for two, you'll also need to buy extra plates, cups and coffee mugs. All these little items add up quickly; before you buy anything, shop around for promo codes, coupons and cashback opportunities to save money. These are most common at larger retail stores like Target. Big retailers also offer the benefit of shipping items directly to your door so you don't have to spend time driving from store to store.

Two Weeks Before the Wedding

Typically you'd wait to deep clean until a couple of days before guests arrive and that's still an option if you're hiring professional cleaners. However, you won't have time to scrub the floors yourself when your wedding is only days away. Handle deep cleaning tasks like steam cleaning carpets, washing window treatments and descaling faucets now, then keep your home as clean as possible until the big day arrives. Molly Maid lists some of the other big cleaning chores to attend to as part of your deep clean.

This is a good time to declutter your home. Since you'll be fitting more people into your home, it's important to have space for guests to hang coats, set drinks and lounge during downtime. If guests are staying for several nights, clear dresser and closet space in guest bedrooms so your company doesn't have to live out of suitcases.

One Week Before the Wedding

With the wedding a week away, it's time to prepare to welcome your guests. Set up guest rooms and bathrooms with freshly made beds and fluffy towels and set spare toilet paper and bath supplies in a conspicuous location so guests can find what they need without calling for help. Consider making spare keys for guests so they can explore the area without impinging on your schedule.

Ask house guests about dietary restrictions and preferences before grocery shopping. Stock your kitchen with coffee, tea and low-fuss snacks you can prepare ahead including cut vegetables with hummus and a charcuterie tray. Don't worry about cooking impressive meals; quick and easy dinners keep everyone fed without taking too much time away from wedding prep. The Kitchn also recommends having a list of restaurants you can recommend. Not only will out-of-town guests enjoy exploring the local cuisine, but also you'll get a much-needed break from cooking as the wedding nears.

With a wedding approaching, the last thing you have is spare time. If you’re not able to complete all these tasks yourself, ask your closest wedding party members to lend a hand. While you shouldn’t ask your bridesmaids to help fix your toi

let, a home decorating and decluttering party with plenty of drinks and snacks will turn house prep into light work.

Image via Unsplash

Guest Blogger: Alice Robertson from Tidy Home

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