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Long before KB was an event planning business, Kacey and I found our friendship through decorating our homes. Our husbands grew up with a mom who had a passion for her home and kept it decorated beautifully all throughout their childhood. Marrying a man who is used to a well put together home means one thing; you get to decorate and style and they don’t mind one bit! How fun is that?!? Kacey and I both are believers in shopping around for great deals, waiting for sales, and always keeping an eye on inventory even when not redecorating.

This past month I have been redoing my oldest daughters room. She is going to college but will live at home for a year or so. Her former room was done when we moved into this house and was coral and greige. Her bedding was floral print and there were pops of coral throughout the space. She was very clear on what she wanted her college room to look like. She wanted black walls with white bedding. I love a good challenge but I just couldn’t sign off on black walls. We compromised on gray walls, black furniture, and white bedding. I ordered her a new fabric headboard from Macys, and got a killer deal. If you are wanting a way to really set a room off, pick a great headboard. The tufted fabric headboards are so popular right now and super inexpensive. Hers was on sale for $200.00 OFF the normal price. Her dresser and nightstand were consignment deal finds that I milk painted black. Originally I had chalk painted them gray and cream with a brown wax. I will say that I am a bit nervous about the new paint, it already doesn’t seem to be holding up as well as the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint did. Kacey has recently been hitting up Bargain Hunt, a discount store that seems to stock a ton of Target items. I went in with my daughter and we found white bedding, new pillows, a curtain rod, and new sheets for $90.00 total!! From there we hit Hobby Lobby’s July decor sale and found a fabulous black and white map for $16.00. We were on a bargain roll! I also picked up a new bulletin board, lamp, and perfect scripture sign all half off. Her former dresser pulls and knobs were outdated so we ran over to Lowes and found all new hardware. The shiny silver gave her the perfect look of modern and sleek. We had the room repainted Wet Concrete from Valspar and I ordered some blackout curtains that were a darker gray from Amazon. These curtains were a bargain! Two panels, lined in white for $33.99. I should mention that she loves them, she says she can sleep super late with the blackout feature! TEENAGERS!! I picked up a few knick knacks at TJ Maxx for less than $20.00 and even bought an Aloe plant at Kroger for $7.99. Overall I would say we did a complete overhaul of her room for around $600.00. Remember this is all new bedding, a new headboard and frame, professionally painted walls, all new decor, and her furniture redone. To help offset the cost I sold a few pieces of furniture she wouldn’t be using, old curtains, knick knacks, wall decor, and lamp at Lulu’s Home Consignment. I won’t make back my $600.00 but I will definitely recoup some of my cost.

If you have ever read “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” then you know how Kacey and I operate. Unfortunately when you change one thing in your home it tends to snowball into changing multiple things. I had sold my husband on redoing our oldest girls room for college and her birthday, what I hadn’t mentioned was that this would lead to our son’s room also being redone. Oops! He had a set of bunk beds that we had purchased about six years ago. They were well worn but still in good condition. I decided to place these for sale on Facebook Marketplace and he would get our daughter’s old bed. July 4th I got a message from a guy who wanted to buy them and pick them up in about an hour. My poor son was sound asleep. I rolled him out of bed, told him to wake up because I had sold his beds…Parent of the year! From there we hurriedly took apart his bunks and hauled them into the garage for pick-up. I used the cash from this sale to purchase him a new full size mattress and box springs. Moving our daughters old bed down to his room I painted it navy blue using milk paint as well. I found adorable Tommy Hilfiger bedding at TJ Maxx for $50.00. I ordered a bed skirt from Amazon for $11.00 and picked up a masculine wood and metal map from Hobby Lobby half off. His dresser was also a consignment find that I had painted blue and red with baseball knobs. Since he no longer plays baseball and is going into middle school, I painted it a fabulous gray color that matched his bed skirt and added half-off gray Hobby Lobby knobs. The rest of his room worked perfectly from the former design. His curtains stayed up as well as all his other furniture. Sometimes when you are wanting to do something fresh in a space, stick with your former color palette and just change out things like bedding or knick knacks. This can freshen the space for half the cost. We didn’t repaint the room. His Sherwin Williams Mega Greige remains the perfect neutral backdrop for a pre-teen. He is thrilled with his mature middle school room and I am pumped that I was able to do it for less than $200.00.

Decorating for KB is a lot about vision, creativity, and the hunt. Many times we go with our gut and take chances. If it doesn’t work out, we always save the receipt! We know that many people feel uninspired or unsure of their decisions, this is why part of our “Design” title includes personal shopping, design of your home, and one on one consultations. We don’t want to push our style on you, we want to help you find your own style. This branch of our business is really beginning to take off and we cannot wait to show you some homes that we are currently styling.

All Images by Belle_Photo.graphy

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