Standing the Test of Time

I truly mean this when I say, we got the privilege to be a part of Shirley and Joe’s 50th wedding anniversary party. As the years have gone by they have raised their children, witnessed their grandchildren grow, they have seen love and felt loss. Joe and Shirley have done this all together in half of a century. Fifty years after they said “I do,” we got to be a small part of making this monumental anniversary a true celebration.

We are constantly surrounded by the newness of love, but I have to say it was much sweeter to watch this precious couple mingle with a room full of people who have walked miles with these two through life. Different stages, different times, but all there to celebrate them. Joe and Shirley have truly stood the test of time. They have been pillars for young couples to look up to, and their marriage has set an example of perseverance that has overflown into their community. Thank you for allowing us to be apart of your celebration. Cheers for many more anniversaries to come!

Video and Photography by Belle Photography

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