Investing Wisely

Investing Wisely in Your Wedding

When it comes to wedding planning it is easy to go overboard. Thanks to sites like Pinterest, brides and grooms now have a virtual photo album of every detail they can dream of. This can be extremely helpful or totally overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, Pinterest is amazing, we love it at KB. No longer do we have to guess what look the couple is going for, they can just pin it and share! How is easy is that? As you are planning your wedding it can be very confusing how to invest your money so that you achieve the desired feel and look without going over budget. KB has a few tips and tricks we want to share to help you spread out your budget and enjoy your big day.

Ways to Save


Some may argue that invitations are the first impression of your wedding. Here at KB, we would argue that guests on average spend about 45 seconds reading your invitation and then toss it. They may hang it on a message board in their home until closer to time, but no one is saving them. This is a great place to save money. Sites like Etsy now offer really beautiful and really affordable options. You can also print from home or print from a local store like Fedex or Staples. Some printing places even offer wedding packages with envelopes. There are also sites like Vistaprint that offer design and printing options. Our biggest suggestion would be to consider black and white invitations. These are classic, timeless, and affordable!

Guest Favors

Most couples want to give their guests a memento of the big day. However, guests tend to leave behind their favors and the couple is left with a ton of koozies or candy bags that they don’t really want or need. This is extra money that you are investing that people may or may not want. If you really want to provide your guests with something they will enjoy maybe offer a free drink at the cash bar or something they can snack on while they wait for the food line to thin out. Also think about packaging, what is the most economical way to package the gift that won’t be left on the table as trash? This is one area that can definitely save you some money.


Programs are already beginning to phase out naturally. Couples are realizing after going to wedding after wedding that no one really keeps the program. The ceremony is already pretty short and to the point, do people really need to know the order of things? A cheaper alternative is a giant program at the entrance for guests to read over as they enter. A creative alternative is an Infographic wedding program. These are adorable handouts that share facts and information about the couple. Etsy has some really neat options. You can order online and then print from home on colored cardstock. Again, black ink will save you tons!

Wedding Attire

Never ever would I say to skimp on your dress. However, be open to shopping around. Bridal stores often have semi annual sales where you can get great deals on dresses and accessories. Another way to save is to shop around for shoes and jewelry. With online shopping there are so many options for these accessories. When purchasing your dress you will be tempted to purchase everything in one shop so that you are done. If this doesn’t fit your budget, take the time to keep looking. At the end of the day it is all about choosing a look that fits you, your personality, and your budget.

Where to Invest


Anyone that has had a wedding will tell you the same thing, “The day goes by so fast.” You have spent months, sometimes even years prepping for this day and it will slip past you ever so quickly. Invest your money in good photography. You will enjoy these images for years to come. When you have children and they get old enough you will want to pull out your wedding photos and show them who their parents were when they got married. Also, lots of photographers now offer engagement sessions at a discounted rate if you book your wedding with them. Find a photographer that understands your style and personality, it will show through in the pictures. These images will pop up at anniversaries, your children’s weddings, and many more sentimental times.


This is one area that most couples are unsure of. Videographers can be pricey, but they are so worth it. Not only does it capture the images of your day, it captures the essence and feel. Being able to look back at your guests good time and kind words will mean so much to you over the years. Many couples make watching their wedding video a yearly anniversary tradition. When the sunsets and you and your new groom head off the only tangible thing left will be the images and videos captured from the day.


If you want your guests to have a good time, entertainment and music are key. Skipping out on the programs and favors to invest in good music will be worth it. Guests will savor the memories on the dance floor much more than a personalized cup. Find quality people to provide entertainment for your guests, everyone will benefit. Also, the awesome photographer and videographer that you booked will be able to capture these fun moments all night long.


Many brides want to scale back on their flowers or even use silk flowers. Not only can silk sometimes be more expensive, they sometimes don’t photograph as well. Flowers can be the one item that sets off your wedding from all the others. Well placed arrangements and greenery can set the tone for your wedding. Greenery and beautiful floral design create a lavish feel without a huge cost if you choose your flowers wisely. When choosing a floral designer find someone that shares your vision and understands what you are wanting. Don’t hesitate to send images and request meetings to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want.

Sentimental Touches

Not only does it make the wedding more personal, it can save you money. Using family china for the bridal party, revamping your mother’s dress, and even using previous generations wedding photographs as decorations can help your budget as well as make the day more intimate. When choosing gifts for your bridal party or family, think of personal gifts that will warm their heart like handwritten letters, handcrafted goods, or other creative touches.

Finally, no matter how big or small your budget might be, the most important investment will be in the future of your marriage. The wedding day is just that, a day. Use your engagement to begin to invest in your marriage and your future together. Everything else on your wedding day will fall into place.

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