Making the Most of a Bridal Show

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About a month ago Kacey and I participated in our first bridal expo. We were so excited about meeting potential clients, making business connections, and showcasing what we were all about. Kacey and I have many different passions, but one that we most commonly bond over is decorating. We worked tirelessly on our booth. We spent many hours designing, researching, shopping, and creating what we felt like was a great representation of KB Events & Design. Our post bridal expo rush left us feeling like the day went to quickly, and excited about the opportunity to participate in the next Bridal event. Lucky for us, in one week we will have the opportunity to meet and reconnect with brides from all over South Central Kentucky in the Bridal Fest Wedding Expo. Before this event we wanted to give the brides who will be attending a few tips and pointers to enjoy their day more fully.

Bridal Show Tips:

Assemble your bridal team with care. You want to bring people who will be ready to ask questions, take pictures, and focus on your needs for your wedding day. Too many in a group can lead to you missing out on great vendors and feeling overwhelmed as you travel through the event. Organized, thoughtful, and observant friends and family are a must for this whirlwind of a day.

Do your research before you attend the event. Most bridal expos will have an active social media site as well as a website listing vendors. Go through the list and check out the vendors you still need to book. Links to their websites or social media should be available so you can look over what they offer and their style. Make a list of people you want to make sure you visit with. Don’t be afraid to mark the map they give you to take advantage of the time you have.

Plan to eat before you arrive at the event. Catering vendors and bakers will most likely have samples, but don’t bank on filling up on these treats. This is also a convenient way to go out with your bridal pals before hand and talk strategy for the day. You can share with your friends and family what you hope to learn and walk away with from the expo.

Take pictures, take notes, and take handouts vendors are offering. You will think that you can remember the people you meet and the conversations that you had, but you won’t. With so many vendors sharing their traits and passions, you will find yourself mixing up faces, conversations, and handouts. Bring a small notebook to write down people you meet that you want to follow up with. Snap pictures of their signs or booths so that you know you are serious about connecting with them after the expo. Most vendors will reach out to you once after the day, but just in case, be prepared to get their information if you are interested.

Enter to win EVERYTHING! Many brides feel like they won’t win anything, but you would be surprised. These events offer so many incentives and giveaways that you might just find yourself winning something. We personally know two brides who have won honeymoons! Enter to win, it might just be your lucky day.

Don’t rule out vendors that you think you don’t need or wouldn’t use. Even if you already have someone in mind for a certain part of your wedding, get information from anyone else that interests you. If their booth speaks to your style or their giveaway might be something you could use, visit with them. Each vendor is there for you. We want to connect with you, help you, and work with you on your big day. I know for KB we invest a lot of time and energy into preparing to meet you, so take a moment to stop in and say hello!

One week from today Kacey and I will be running around setting up and preparing to share our passion and work with you. We take these moments very seriously and work hard to make a great first impression. We hope that you will find time to stop in and see us and get information about our wedding planning options. Be sure to enter to win a free consultation with us and get more information on our most popular package “Last Minute Coordination” which offers day of coordination for you and your big day. We hope you love what we have designed and enjoy a day of wedding planning bliss!

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