KY Born and Bred: Highland Stables

Nestled on a picturesque 168 acre farm, Highland Stables is the Kentucky dream. Built in 2000 as a romantic gesture for wife Betty Mosley, this once working horse farm symbolizes family, love, and hard work at its finest.  An event at Highland Stables is so much more than just a party, it is investing back into our local community and farmland. The Mosley family realized in 2014 that their beautiful working stables could be transformed into a family business that would reach thousands in our community. Flipping the stables into a an event venue was quite a task that took several months and lots of creative vision. This family nailed that vision and their dedication shines through.  As you pull into the long winding drive you cannot help but breath in the fresh country air and miles of pasture. For every KY born and bred girl it feels like home.

Pulling up to the 25,000 sq. ft. complex that can accomodate 650+ guests we are greeted by Angie and Whitnee Mosley. This mother-in-law and daughter-in-law team are truly a dynamic duo. Angie brings years of experience in the decorating and event world to her family owned land. Whitnee has a sharp eye that helps each bride take their wedding dreams and make them come to life. Walking into the stables you are immediately met with a true sense of southern charm. The venue boasts ample restrooms, bride and groom suites, a bar area, and even a catering prep area. These ladies have thought of everything. They offer parking attendants, golf cart shuttles, indoor and outdoor ceremony sites, tables, chairs, and various other decorating options. Their husbands work in the electrical industry so their lighting is top notch. The romantic glow throughout the space makes you want to grab a dance partner and sway to a slow song all evening.

Beyond the breathtaking venue, Whitney and Angie are down right charming. They immediately make you feel like you have been friends with them for years. The love that they have poured into this venue shines through as they smile, laugh, and complete each other’s sentences. Angie tells us how her favorite part of her job is being outside working. They say that they have learned many lessons along the way, but being a family business has really bonded them together. Some of their favorite moments at the barn have been hosting the Certified Celebrator Live! With Brittany Young and of course their semi annual sale Gypsy Moon Marketplace. They offer up the advice to brides to hire a wedding planner and to not sweat the small stuff. They laugh about all the crazy shenanigans that have gone on over the years like guests entering the farm on the opposite side of the 168 acres! They tell us that they have learned many lessons along the way, some hard, some easy. As Kacey and I leave the farm we leave with the anticipation of getting to work with Angie and Whitnee again. Getting to know these two ladies has brought a whole new appreciation for Highland Stables.

Take a moment to check out Highland Stables website following the link below. 

 Kind Words from Highland Stables Bride Claci Ayers Wall

From the minute I walked into Highland Stables I knew it was the place where I wanted to celebrate our big day. Angie was the best host and made me feel calm. She was so excited for me to be getting married that it was easy to not be stressed about the little details of wedding planning. The facility is absolutely beautiful and they heard my specific requests and turned my dreams into a reality. It was important for me to have a big space where people could socialize and dance. The people at Highland Stables worked very hard so I could have that and more. People still come up to me and talk about Highland Stables and how they loved our venue. We had over 700 people at our reception but Highland Stables made it feel personal and nothing felt overcrowded. My husband is from Lexington so Highland Stables allowed us to have that old Kentucky feel in my hometown of Bowling Green, Ky. The space is amazing and Angie and Whitnee are two of the most incredible people ever. Having a wedding in their space with their guidance is a wish come true for any bride. My wedding day was everything I could have asked for and more. My husband and I started our marriage off right by dancing the night away with all of our friends in one of the most beautiful venues I could have ever imagined. I highly recommend Highland Stables to any couple!!

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