SOKY Bridal Expo

One week from today we will be in the middle of our very first bridal fair. Kacey and I are so excited for this event. In early November, when we decided to take the leap and put our business into motion, we had no idea how much work, time, and fun it would be. Over the course of the past three months we have seen our dreams become a reality. We still have so much to accomplish, but we are so proud of the steps we have taken so far.

After we set up our website our next big move was to apply and get accepted into the SOKY Bridal Fair. Once we were accepted (okay really before we were accepted) we began planning our booth. We knew we wanted something that would showcase our personalities and style. We wanted brides and grooms to step in and feel a warm and welcoming vibe. We also wanted to showcase our logo and who we are as individuals. What you will see next week will hopefully help you understand KB and our mission. For us, design has been the very best part. Kacey and I work best when working together. We speak the same language, make lots of decisions based on gut reactions, and know how to say no when one of us isn’t feeling it. This is what I love about our friendship, we can be brutally honest without hurt feelings. You will often catch us laughing until we cry and making a scene in Lowes with our crazy ideas.

For our booth we chose a more woodsy feel. This was based on our personal preference and the 2018 trends we will see this year. Along the back wall we had Atwood Signs help us create a fantastic mirror with our logo for all to see. On one side we chose over sized chalkboards for our promo boards. We wanted to give brides a chance to win something when coming to visit us. We have two prizes that we cannot wait to share with you. Along the right hand side of our booth you will find takeaways for each bride to remember us with. In the middle of the booth you will find our very favorite part, the couples table. For the couples table we chose to go with a very elegant, clean look. We used natural grapevine chargers and fresh greige napkins that can be found at Pier One to compliment the clean white dishes and succulent napkin rings. This decision did not come easily. You should have seen us in Pier One pulling down all the chargers, plates, and napkins that we could find! It was a tough decision between glitz and glam vs clean and fresh. Both looks work in so many different ways. To top off the entire look we are custom designing a hanging floral feature. A few weeks prior to our debut we played around with this concept and it was so much fun. The hanging feature will add that whimsical look that all couples hope for on their wedding day.

The actual booth itself was designed and built by Kacey’s dad. We joke that he is the official KB project manager. We haven’t nailed down the final design for the front of our booth but we have been scheming how to best get your attention. What I love about KB is that we put our entire selves into each project and have such a good time doing it. We love this company and we love what it represents. Kacey and I have busy schedules, but KB has been able to be a shared venture that we each work on apart and together. We are so grateful for this opportunity and absolutely cannot wait to meet you guys next week.

SIgn up for the bridal fair at

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