Why You Shouldn't Hire Us....

Congratulations, you said yes! At this point you are probably knee deep in bridal magazines, google searches, and EVERYONE'S opinion. You have started fielding questions like, “Have you set a date?”, “Do you know where the wedding will be?” and the most famous one of all “When do you think you will start having kids?” If you are lucky, you have assembled a team of bridesmaids that will help you plan, support all your crazy emotions, and even wear whatever dress you choose. At some point you will probably attend a bridal fair and become completely overwhelmed with all the choices, vendors, and cost associated with a wedding. I would say most brides begin the process with the feeling of either total confidence that they can pull it off alone or a huge dose of anxiety that they will carry throughout the engagement. Typically you find yourself checking the large boxes off first: date, venue, photographer, cake, etc. At this point you begin to feel pretty confident in your decisions and your sweet fiance is agreeing with most choices. Most brides-to-be tend to navigate towards the nearest newlywed to pick her brain for ideas and recommendations. Undoubtedly, you will face some tough decisions and maybe even some drama. This is when you will start to wonder if you should hire someone. The idea creeps in and you begin to think how easy it would be to have someone call the florist and change your order completely for you instead of you having to be the bad guy. You begin to wish you had a neutral party to settle down your mother, mother-in-law, sister, cousin etc. so you don’t have to. You might even sit staring and those 200 invitations and think how nice it would be to have someone else stuff, address, and stamp them for you. So why don’t you? Why don’t you hire someone?

Reason # 1 You Shouldn’t Hire Us: Cost

Flat out it is too expensive. Only really fancy people hire wedding coordinators. You saw Father of the Bride, who can afford Franc!?! When you look over your budget, how big or small, you assume hiring a coordinator is a luxury item. One that costs too much and is a waste of money when you can just do it yourself. You’ve planned dinner parties, you’ve been a bridesmaid, you watch “Say Yes to the Dress.” How hard could it be? What you don’t realize is that most wedding coordinators have relationships with all the vendors you will be working with. In fact we might even be able to get you a discount that would more than make up for the cost of hiring us. We also have customized packages depending on what you need. We are not a one price type of business. We sit down with you and help you figure out how much or how little you will need to lean on us. The old saying “It never hurts to ask” applies with KB. Yes, we have a consultation fee, but it applies to your overall cost once you book us. A wedding coordinator is no longer a luxury item in the wedding world, we have quickly become a much needed tool to navigate the best pricing and representation for you and your groom.

Reason # 2 You Shouldn’t Hire Us: My family is going to help.

That sounds so sweet when you say it, but let’s really think on this one. Family is a one of the greatest gifts of all time. However, when you get married you are intertwining two families. No longer are you dealing with your mom, your grandma, and possible other members that you have grown up with. You now have a whole new family with all new dynamics, opinions, and visions. Family is a delicate ecosystem that requires gentle words and actions. At KB we truly understand family. Kacey and I are married to brothers Josh and Caleb. We have woven our families together and we have personal experience with the delicate nature of blending lives. Let us be the ones to tell someone “no thank you” or “great idea, just not for this wedding.” That way you can be hands off and guilt free. I tell my kids all the time at home, “Let me be the bad guy. I don’t mind.” On your wedding journey let us take the hits, let us handle the drama so that you don’t have to.

Reason #3 You Shouldn’t HIre Us: My bridesmaids and I are going to decorate everything.

Again, a great way to save some money. Bridesmaids can be crafty, helpful, and hardworking. After all, why did you pick them? The only thing that brides don’t consider is all the behind the scenes work that must be done. The day before your wedding should be spent getting your nails done, eating brunch with the girls, packing for the honeymoon, and running around picking up last minute items. With a coordinator you can do all these fun things and no one will miss out on the memories. I recently had someone tell me how they wished their sister had hired us for the month of coordinating. She talked about how their mom missed out on being with the girls all day getting ready because she was on site directing the vendors and making sure it was all set up. That is a day no one will ever get back. Those sweet pictures don’t include her mom because she was busy directing florists, caterers, and various other people. Her mom missed her putting on that dress for the final time. These types of moments are priceless, let us do the legwork so everyone can enjoy the day.

I am sure there are a variety of things you have considered when thinking about hiring a wedding coordinator. Each couple has different needs and wants for their wedding day. Our goal at KB Events & Design is to represent you and your vision. Let us take the stress off of you and plan a perfect day that you will cherish and remember forever. Don’t let your wedding day be something that you “survive” let it be the day you have dreamed of and will remember forever.

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