December Bride

I met my husband at the sweet age of 16. We were Juniors in high school and complete strangers. We dated for six years before getting engaged in college. Our engagement lasted for fifteen months, more than enough time to plan a December wedding.

Most people thought we were crazy for getting married so close to Christmas. At the time we didn’t think we had much of a choice. We were both in school full time, I was about to start student teaching, and he had applied for dental school. We wanted to be married a few months before moving away if we ended up leaving for dental school. I look back on those days and weeks leading up to our wedding and I truly wonder how we pulled it off. I was finishing up a heavy class load and full days of observing in the classroom. He was working hard to wrap up a 19 hour semester and working for a local lawyer as much as he could.

When I look back at my wedding pictures I see a whole lot of blood, sweat, tears, and DIY! My parents were so kind to pay for our wedding and I really wanted to respect them by using the money wisely. I can remember crafting and creating and trying really hard to make it beautiful. Getting married in December made things pretty simple. Opting for a less harsh Christmas red, I chose a cranberry bridesmaid dress that set the tone for the entire day. I also added in silver accents, gold hadn’t made it’s way back yet. My flowers were to be a beautiful mix of cream, cranberry, and a splash of silver. My florist, who is no longer in business, delivered bright yellow and purple arrangements. Everyone was so worried that I was going to flip out, but honestly I could care less. I was going to marry the man of my dreams, flowers or no flowers. Our photographer was so sweet to try and salvage my groom’s boutonniere. We gave each guest a Christmas ornament with a card that included our wedding date and a scripture. Each year when we hang ours on the tree it brings back all the memories of our wedding. Using garland, white lights, and Christmas trees only added to the ease of a December wedding. Our church already had so much setup that worked in our favor.

December can be a stressful time of year to plan an additional special event, much less your wedding. With the right assistance and guidance being a December bride can be the perfect way to end your year. Family is already planning on gathering together, why not give them another opportunity to do so. Using all the decorations that are available during this time of year can also be a great way to save money and create that sentimental feeling that Christmas brings to everyone.

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