How to Make a Gorgeous Centerpiece with Grocery Store Flowers

I was 39 weeks pregnant, and little did I know, it was only a few short days before we met our precious little girl. I had started the nesting process. Before I could even imagine bringing home our baby, I scrubbed the floors and toilets and made everything sparkle and shine. After making our house look like a magazine, I felt the urge to create a large floral arrangement. I’ve always loved fresh flowers, and for some reason in my hormonal pregnancy brain, I wanted our house to be filled with them when we brought her home. So that day, Caleb drove me to every grocery store in our town so I could fulfill my urge. Yes, he did think I was crazy for wanting to create a huge mess in our kitchen right after I had spent the day cleaning, but with my hormonal pregnancy brain, he knew not to question it.

The process:

I wanted to use a birch wood vase that I had purchased many months ago, and with it being a wide large vase, I needed lots of flowers and even more greenery to use as fillers.

After soaking floral foam in water and placing it in my container, I laid out everything I had purchased so I could get a visual of what I had.

I trimmed all the ends, removed any decaying petals, and removed any leaf that would be submerged into the floral foam. By doing this, it gives me a longer life on each stem.

I added most of my greenery at varying lengths, creating a more asymmetrical look.

Finally, I added the flowers. Again, I offset one side making it look more whimsical and natural. The carnations gave little pops of color throughout the arrangement.


I could then officially welcome our daughter home!

*All flowers and greenery were purchased at Kroger

*The vase I chose came from a local home decor store in Kansas, but you can find similar vases at

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