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A little over four years ago my husband got down on one knee and proposed; it was the sweetest most perfect proposal. He knew what he wanted but had no idea how to execute. So much like everyone in our family when we don’t know what to do, he called Blair. In typical Blair fashion, she took Caleb’s dreams and made them reality. That day, Caleb and I spent the whole day together, and I had no idea what was coming for me that evening. He was so calm for someone who was about to ask for my hand in marriage, but he trusted Blair and knew she would get it done. Might I mention Caleb wanted this proposal done at his grandparents operating barn, making Blair not have as relaxing of a day. She spent that day wrangling goats, stringing lights from every angle of this barn, arranging a sea of flowers, and trying to keep a full barn a quiet barn. I guess I would say that’s when Blair’s dream may have blossomed. I, on the other hand, was like most college students these days juggling way more than they bargained for as a college cheerleader, on track to graduate early, a part of many on campus organizations, and, now, a wedding. Was I insane or what?!? Insane or not we got through that season of life, and eventually ended up in Kansas. We moved there right after graduating from WKU so Caleb could fulfill his dreams of becoming an attorney. We spent three years in the sunflower state and over time our friends became family. I began to open up our home regularly for law students to drop all law school related things at the door and be apart of a “family” meal. That’s when I really learned I loved hosting and all the small details in planning dinner parties. Looking back, the zombie faced students who were so exhausted over their Torts exam probably didn’t even notice the monogrammed dinner napkins, but it made me happy to give them the best experience possible. My small dinner parties quickly grew to organizing and planning work wide events at the animal hospital where I worked. Between holiday parties and baby showers, it was a whole other full time job, but I learned Blair was only a phone call away. Living 500 miles away from the person you like to plan things with was challenging, but somehow, we planned and executed many events across those state lines. Fast-forward three quick years, we have moved back to Kentucky, had our first child, and Caleb works for a successful law firm in downtown Bowling Green. Blair and I haven’t stopped planning, and finally, four years after wrangling those goats, it’s time to make our dreams come true.

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