Crash Course in Weddings

Photography by Cassie Adkins Photography

For most of my life I have found myself to be the making a list, organizing my thoughts, getting things done type of person. Growing up I can remember my dad and his early morning strategy sessions. He could be found at our kitchen table, coffee cup in hand surrounded by yellow notepads and list after list of ideas, plans, or work. I guess some could say I am a chip off the old block. Not only do I love a good list, I thoroughly enjoy checking things off of it. Guilty confession time, sometimes I make a list just so I can mark stuff off. So weird, I know. In fact I was recently reminded of how in fourth grade my teacher assigned a winter scene for art class. Being the rapid decision maker who likes to check things off her list I very quickly decided to glue a white sheet of paper on top of a blue sheet and declared my blizzard to be done. My precious teacher was none too pleased.

Flash forward several years and I find myself making lists constantly. Let's start with my full time job, teaching. List after list of lesson plans, grading, meetings, paperwork, parent conferences, special assemblies, oh the lists go on and on. I picked the perfect profession for my list-obsessed self! Moving onto my personal life, at age 30 my husband and I welcomed four kids into our home through adoption. We went from a family of two to a party of six overnight. Oh the lists I would create! Night one was a school supply list that topped several hundred dollars. Over the past six years I am pretty sure we would not have survived life without my lists. For me, sitting down and writing things out calms me. It gives me a plan, a purpose for my day. I get a weird high off of making a list, checking it off, and knowing I have gotten stuff done.

Due to my type A, get it taken care of attitude, I have a reputation within my husbands family. I would like to think that every person has a special role in each family. Mine is the administrator, which sounds so completely lame. Why couldn't I be the gift giver, or the encourager, or even the cheerleader. The administrator, ugh, boring! Now I realize it can be an important role. Someone who plans things, thinks over the details, and makes sure things go as designed. I accept my role, I make my lists, and life goes on as planned.

My first real experience in wedding planning came from this role of making lists, creating timelines, and being an overall organized freak I suppose. I was approached at a family get together about helping coordinate the day of events for my future cousin-in-law. She had been planning her wedding for several months and just needed help wrapping up the final details. They had chosen the beautiful venue, The Ole French. This venue offers an outdoor patio for the ceremony and indoor seating for the reception. Due to two story nature of the venue, the bride was having a hard time figuring out how things would flow. I was thrilled she had asked for my help and could not wait to make some lists!

We had three weeks until the wedding when I first went with her to Glasgow. On our drive we began to run through the details of the day. We discussed everything from her hair to her honeymoon. Very quickly I could see that she had an overall idea of what she wanted but she had not been able to focus in on the final details. She was knee deep in her strawberry season at Do Dot's Strawberries. That day we managed to not only visit the venue, but we also finalized her flowers and wedding cake. We discussed decorations for the reception, a large canvas portrait that would hang over the mantle, a family crest, her wedding favors (strawberry jam, no less) and all the tiny details that make a wedding an event to remember. Over the next few weeks we were in constant contact about ordering items for the day of...floral arrangements, cake design, and so much more. I loved every minute. I loved the fast pace, creative, and challenging obstacles that popped up. From this one event I found myself to be inspired, creatively challenged, and overjoyed that I had helped a beautiful young couple have an amazing wedding.

My day of help had turned into a full on wedding planning job. It was my first real paying gig as an event coordinator and I couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity. I even made Kacey tag along and help me to finalize everything. This was one of the first times we realized we could be a real team that worked together on planning and building a business. I will forever be grateful to Lindsey and Meritt for the chance to take part in their very special day.

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